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Everyone uses a GUI. (Graphical User Interface) They are on your mobile phone, your television; even buying a train ticket these days requires the use of a GUI. They come in all shapes and sizes, on all manner of devices. A great GUI makes a great first impression. Everyone can also remember being frustrated with a GUI - maybe it was slow, or it crashed, or maybe you just got confused and bought the wrong train ticket. That's a bad UX (User Experience) - and it leaves a lasting impression. It's possible to have a great GUI and a poor UX. Likewise it's possible to have an ugly GUI and a great UX. In a world where mobile phones are all converging on the same physical form factor, people are more sensitive to bad UI and UX than ever before. Not just 'power users', but regular users too. At Lucid we have a dedicated department for User Interfaces, and we understand that every system we produce needs both a great GUI, and a great UX - for all users. It should look great, and feel great.

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