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One of the key components of a control system is audio. The design of good audio flow and equalisation through Digital Signal Processing is vital to producing crisp, clean, well balanced, intelligible sound in boardrooms, auditoria and many other spaces. The importance of clear speech being broadcast in a space, whether from a live presenter in the room or from a remote location via a VoIP call, is the cornerstone of any meeting: making sure you are heard and get your message across. Lucid Partnership has access to all popular DSP products such as Biamp Tesira, Polycom SoundStructure, QSC Q-Sys and Crestron Avia at our testing facility. This gives us the ability to build and test designs before they reach the real world, thus making on-site deployment quicker and less problematic. Our in-house audio specialists will ensure that whatever your requirements are, we will find the perfect solution to bring clarity of sound to your environment through good design and implementation.

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