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Enterprise business needs are often multifaceted and the software outcome need to support many stakeholders. So "wide-angle" holistic analysis of all the stakeholder needs must be assimilated by our development team before any code or UX is drafted. By working closely with your business we can help design and implement standardised code which meets your buildings needs and developing buildings across an estate. By defining a set of standard equipment and available rooms types, Lucid can build a suite of interface modules and UI's which can service your entire estate. By leveraging enterprise level deployment tools such as our own Lucid Estate Manager, Crestron Fusion, or even Powershell, we are able to manage your entire AV code library from a simple room to a global corporate infrastructure. Source control management, QA and unit- and integration testing ensure that the release code reaching you is robust enough to meet the needs of a rapidly changing AV environment. Using our combined 100+ years of experience in AV we are constantly raising the bar in control and integration and challenging the bounds of what is expected and possible for a properly integrated AV system.

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