While sales (nearly a four-letter word) are obviously essential for any successful business - including ours - there is no sales department nor are there any sales personnel to speak of in our structure, and long may that continue.


The path to engaging our services starts with one of our development team leaders. These are senior production team members who will seek to understand your scope of works and have the essential production experience to assess the use cases and business outcome objectives of the "Request-for-Price" and the knowledge to calculate the scale of the tasks required to successfully deliver the solution.

In short, while we have a set of service rates, we consider every enquiry for its production resource need and will provide a price on application. The more detailed the scope of works in the RFP, the more accurate our costing will be.


Over our years of experience we have worked with many third-party peripherals, some good, some not so great. Kissbox products offer network-based solutions with a reliability and simplicity that we have found exceptionally useful to us and our clients' projects. This is why we took the uncharacteristic step of becoming the UK distributor of their excellent hardware. We hope you find them as pleasing as we do.

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