The Lucid family has been creating bespoke software solutions, user interfaces and audio control for over 20 years. We have been instrumental in the delivery of exemplary AV control solutions worldwide: boardrooms, meeting rooms, auditoria, stadia, classrooms, lecture theatres  and private residences.
Our wealth of experience in system design and commissioning is founded in our hands-on professionalism from our highly skilled team.

Our aim is easily stated and complex to deliver but the final outcome should be lucid to all: We simply wish to offer the best integrated solutions for our clients. We are passionate about engineering and making technology work for the benefit of everybody. We believe that, through clear thought and imagination in the design and implementation, a simple-to-use and high performing solution is achievable.

Our Family

Richard Foy

Partner & Systems Programmer

Btech NCert Electrical Engineering
Crestron Master Programmer

Michael Backler

Partner & Senior Developer

Crestron Gold Master Programmer

Custom Software Development

Josh Bonis

Partner & Programming Manager

NZCE – Telecommunications

Crestron Master Programmer

Wayne George

Partner & Systems Programmer

BEng (Hons) Computer Systems and Crestron Master Programmer

Iain Scott

Partner & Software Engineer

M.Sc. Computational Maths / Digital

Crestron CTI-P101,P201,P301

Lee Roper

Partner & DSP Systems Engineer

Btech Computer Electronics

Crestron CTI-P101,201,301


Systems Programmer

Sam Lundy

Crestron Master Programmer

Filip Ignatiuc

Systems Programmer

Crestron Master Programmer

Peter Scream

Systems Programmer

Crestron CTI-P101,201,301

Fall Tokens


Fiona Lloyd-Owen

Book Keeping & Payroll

Kevin Richards

Master Programmer

Crestron Master Programmer

Interested in joining our family? Contact us: info@lucidpartnership.co.uk